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Thursday, February 24, 2011

There are no Practice Calls Currently Being Offered.  Interested as to when they'll start up again? E-mail Danielle.   -8/26/11

Our Upcoming Student Animal Communication Practice Calls will be:

On Sunday July 17, 2011

Call Hour: 4:30-5:30pm MT (6:30-7:30pm ET)

With Sophie da Rat, Rat  

For the Privacy of Guest Animals, Please Only Speak With Them During the Practice Call.

If you have registered for the call via this link then this is indeed the page that will host the photos of both Sunday and Monday's guest animals before and during the call.  

If you're wanting to view the animal's photo from your computer during  the call, you may do so from this page.  Can't view the photo while on the phone?  Just look at the photo in advance to keep the image in your mind's eye.  Your intention along with the additional tag info. which will be provided at the start of the call will help you connect to the right animal. 

Please call in 3-5 minutes before our 7:30pm start time.  Have pen and paper numbered at the start of the each call. We will always reach 20 questions minimum, and include up to 25 questions if time allows.  

Students in the past have found that keeping track of their successes helps them chart their progress over the length of the calls.  Your job on the call is to relax, drop down into your heart space and without judgment, record the impressions you receive from the animal for each provided question. 

Looking forward to facilitating this call and offering feedback and confirmation for all attendees.


Danielle Tremblay 

Participant Comments

Thank you Danielle!
What a wonderful call with Mackenzie! The practice session definitely helped. Thinking about how I was receiving information helped me clarify some issues I was having. I imagine my next step will be to combine the emotional feeling with the pictures I'm receiving, to get a better sense of it. VERY EXCITING! I am also taking your suggestion of tracking progress throughout the practices. Thank you again, and many thanks to Mackenzie!


Great class tonight. Really enjoyed it. I think it's a huge confidence builder being able to get confirmation on what you receive. Out of 20 questions, I was able to hit 16. Not bad. Yippee!!!!